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The padi master seal course consists of 5 aqua mission sessions and has 10 subjects…Get in touch today…

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The padi master seal course consists of 5 aqua mission sessions but has 10 subjects. The subjects are:

Creature id –¬†you will learn different hand signals for fish sightings, how different aquatic life move and where they live, is it a plant or an animal, learn the difference.

The Enviroment – you will learn about pollution to our oceans, search patterns, special equipement for example lift bags
Inner space, you will learn a bit more about buoyancy, proper weighting, hovering and fin pivots.

Navigation – you will learn how to use a compass, and learn to navigate under water by using a compass.

Night Diver – you will have a go at diving in a dark environment by using torches, how to use hand signals in the dark, you will learn about different torches and how to use them, what different aquatic life you will see at night.

Safety – you will learn how to do safety checks before every dive, how to get rid of leg cramps on yourself and a buddy, how to throw a line to save someone, and you will learn the 4 step assist on helping a fellow diver in an emergency.

Search and Recovery – you will learn search patterns in this section, bringing an object to the surface, using a lift bag.

Skin Diver – you will learn to clear your mask and snorkel and how to swim underwater with just mask, snorkel and fins.

Snap Shot – this a fun part with taking photographs, you work with your buddy and take it in turn taking pictures, you will learn buoyancy skills whilst taking pictures, and what special about an underwater camera.

Wrecks – on this part of the course you will learn about wrecks, you will be able to measure a wreck that will be put up for you to swim around and through, you will learn what specialised equipment you will need whilst wreck diving.

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